To Become a Member of MARC 

Please note all Applications for New and Replacement membership must be approved by the Board of Directors before your membership becomes effective.  Once the board votes you will be notified of your membership status

If you are requesting membership as a replacement for an existing MARC member or if you are submitting a Check as method of payment please contact to complete a manual PDF membership application!

Yolanda Pless or Charles Morrow - Membership Co-Chairpersons  /

Membership Fees Per Year:

$150 Service Membership (4 per company)

Primary Corporate Membership (1 per company) Comlimentary

Associate Corporate Membership (3 per company)  Complimentary 


If Join after July 1:

$50 after July 1 - Service Membership

$35 after July 1 - Complimentary



If you or your Company are paying via Credit Card

You will need a username and password contact




Please complete our online Payment Registration on the application below